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DEEPSTAR P.I. by blackhat@4mymail.co.uk

The Deepstar is the top of the range pulse machine for beach use from Eric Fosters Pulsepower stable ( there is a more expensive in/underwater detector...the Aquastar).

Derived from the original (pre SS) Goldquest design this detector consists of a rugged die-cast aluminium alloy case that is rain and dust proof to withstand the worse conditions you might encounter. Four anchor points allow chest mounting with the provided straps,which combined with the light shaft and 11 inch coil allow a full days detecting with no strain.

I say full days detecting as one problem with the original version was a battery life of only a little over five hours before the inbuilt battery needed a recharge. This is just a matter of plugging the supplied charger into the headphones socket overnight but could prove a nuisance if you wished to follow the tide both out and in, unless a spare battery pack was carried. Now there is a power selection switch which provides double the detecting time whilst still providing 80% of the 'normal' extreme depth.

Another addition is the S.A.T. variable retune speed control....deals with highly mineralised areas and provides me with a sharper tone that I prefer as it gives more colour to a target response helping with target I.D.

Unlike the Goldquest SS that has an audio low battery alert the Deepstar has a small battery readout meter. As the needle enters the red, in normal high power mode, 15 minutes power is left.

Like the SS the Deepstar can almost be used as a switch on and go machine. Just set Threshold to suit your hearing,check Reject is on minimum,Sensitivity on maximum and Frequency and SAT at their mid positions and away you go. Settings,unlike most detectors are not critical they just allow exceptional conditions ie radio interference,extreme mineralisation to be dealt with.

How does it compare with the Goldquest SS ? Well it is deeper by a few inches and there is an advantage that the coil, though of the same size as that of the SS, has a slightly wider detection pattern so more ground is covered. Sensitivity on the new model Deepstars is extremely good as improvements have been made to the pulse delay and other settings so that both depth and response to the smallest section rings has improved.

Compared to the the normal twin/multifrequency detectors that I own which offer full range discrimination why do I continue to use pulse machines ? Depth. On a beach with little or no mineralisation I have an edge....as conditions become worse that edge increases.

Drawbacks ? Very few. The control box is quite large and if you chestmount it under your wet weather gear its possible to knock the power switch to the lower setting without realising. You will need a good,sturdy spade because you will be digging many more deep holes than usual. Its a beach machine only so you will need to buy or keep a detector for your land sites. All P.I.'s like iron,a fact of life at this moment in time but the iron problem reduces as you go nearer the low tide mark (and on the plus side they are blind to most foil). You may find it hard to buy a second hand high power P.I. as people tend to hang on to them and don't buy to old as significant advances have been made in pulse technology in the last few years.

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Goldquest SS BY blackhat@4mymail.co.uk

The Goldquest SS is the latest detector design from the wizard of pulse - Eric Foster.

This is his lowest priced machine replacing the previous Beachscan and Surfscan models and follows in their tradition of low price and high performance.

Although light in weight the Goldscan is only available in hip-mount form. The advantage of this is that the 11 inch coil and shaft can be swung all day with no strain,whilst the rainproof control box ( 6.5x3.5x2.5" approx.) can be kept safely out of harm if you feel like searching in the surf.

Controls are ON/OFF and THRESHOLD combined, REJECT ( can be used for 'reverse' discrimination ) and S.A.T. (which adjusts the retuning speed ).

In use just switch on and set to a low threshold. Start detecting until a target is located then adjust S.A.T. from its mid position to give the best response and tone to suit you hearing. Slight adjustment of this control enables the detector to retune faster in highly mineralised environments. REJECT is normally used at its lowest setting. If R.F. interference from local transmitters is picked up a slight increase of this control will restore sensitivity. To reverse discriminate locate a target then revolve REJECT. Most good items will drop out (give no sound) while iron will give a good signal even when the control is at maximum. This works well on deep targets but a good target on or just under the surface will also sound off so a little common sense must be used.

This motion P.I. has exceptional sensitivity and enhanced performance to enable the detection of small rings and jewellery other detectors might miss. The audio output is VERY loud...headphones with volume controls are a must. In use the machine is virtually 'switch on and go'. The eight AA batteries last up to 25 hours and 1700 NiMi's allow 15 hours between charges.

Cheap to buy,cheap to run with no compromise in performance. An excellent machine....try one !

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