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TEKNETICS OMEGA 8000 Written by Don

Ive had this machine for about a year, my goto machine. I hunt beaches in Floriday. It goes pretty deep but I can hunt it at full power, but there is no need to. It will pick up small jewelry and real good on coins. The detector runs good to the edge of the salt water. Has a long battery life. I found a wood box full of coins and bills at a foot in depth. My hats off to Dave Johnson, he got this one right. On the Beach I run in auto tuned and dig everything, very eays to ground balance.

TEKNETICS T2 REVIEW written by Justin

I just recently started metal detecting last year! I was instantly hooked and have put in 100's of hours in the field. I started out with a fisher F2 and had amazing luck with this beginners machine! The first week I found at least 10 silver coins and a bunch of other nice relics. I would recommend the fisher to anyone looking to start out hunting. Its very basic and a great way to get a feel for the hobby.

After using the F2 for about 2 months I knew that I needed an upgrade asap. I spent hours upon hours searching through reviews and trying to decide what would be the best detector for the kind of hunting I was trying to do. My budget was anywhere between 600$ to 1000$. I talked to alot of whites users and they all had good things to say. I was sold on a whites and was seriously contiplating ordering one immediatly. Just as I was about to order a whites I saw a review of the T2 and it seemed like the perfect machine for me. At this time I didnt know a whole lot about different detectors and thier capabilities but the T2 seemed like an all around good detector and the price wasnt out of the ball park either. As I looked through a bunch of T2 reviews I didnt see to many negative remarks or experiences with this detector. I also looked on ebay to see if there where any used ones and didnt see a one. After seeing this I made my mind up and ordered the T2 that night! The next 3 days would be the longest 3 days of my life! lol

Once my T2 arrived I opened the box expecting to see a bunch of parts and an instruction manual the size of a phone book. Nope, The T2 was already 75% assembled. All I had to do was hook the lower rod on, screw the coil to the shaft, put the batteries in, and turn her on. I did read the manual before the detector arrived and I thought that it was simple enough and I would be able to go out and dig targets over a ft deep. Wrong! Now remember at this time I was no expert and never used a higher grade detector before. I did read alot about it and had a jist of how everything worked. I knew it woud take some time in the field to get a feel for the machine and how all the different settings and capabilities worked. The first day out I turned it on and ran a setting I found online for basic hunting. I did find some cool stuff and it was easier to use then I thought it would be. I still had a whole lot of learning to do. I was a little overwhelmed but not too bad.

One of the good things about the T2 is you can just turn on and go rather easily! So if your a beginner looking to get a machine that can compete with the big dogs this one wont overwhelm you to much.

After a few weeks of using the T2 I thought I had it all figured out and I was finding alot of keepers. I wasnt as impressed as I thought Id be though. I was having trouble with the Id bouncing around alot and was digging alot of trash. I was really starting to second guess if I made the right decision in buying the T2. I was super determined and was out in the field every chance I got putting that machine to the test. After a few more days I was starting to get frustrated and I wasnt getting the depth that everyone was talking about online. I also felt like I couldnt trust the machine and had to dig just about every target to find the good stuff. After using the machine for about a month I decided that I had to be missing something and went back to read the manual again! WOW! It was like the doors opened, all the clouds had lifted, and I could see clear! This time everything made so much sense and I actually knew what everything meant! Thanks to Teknetics fantastic job on the step by step learning manual I was able to see every mistake I was making and exactly what had to be changed to inhance the performance. I was overwhelming myself trying to learn something that takes years in a few days!

After reading the manual again I went back out with a new attitude and a new understanding of how this machine wanted to run! This time I knew what ground cancelation was and how to use it! Granted I was still a rookie but I had a better understanding! I turned it on, found a section of ground that was metal free, pushed the trigger forward to used the fast grab and ground cancelled. This feature is a must use on the T2. Granted it will normally run without it in Disc mode but you get maximum performance if this feature is used properly! After ground cancelling I was getting alot more depth and the chatter was minimal! One of my other big problems was that I always ran the machine hot! I had the thought implanted in my head that I should always run the machine at maximum sensetivity to get the deep stuff! Cause all the good stuff is always deep right? lol Wrong! The T2 is a powerful detector and if you run to hot you pick up alot more interference. When you have interference your not getting maximum performance! Also when you run to hot the machine is picking up on the bigger trash targets and you could be missing the coins! So I turned the sense down to about 75 and ran it like that for a while. This adjustment made it much easier to feel the ground and this is when I really started being able to tell what the machine wanted. After practicing with lower sense for a while I could tell when I needed to turn it up some or down! Sweep technique was also a big issue I was having! With my Fisher I had a tendancy to slow down and do smaller sweep patterns after I located the target. Worked fine with that machine but with the T2 it likes to go fast. Its alot more accurate when using shoulder length swings at normal speed. This is also part of the reason my Id was so jumpy in the beginning! Another reason is that I always thought that if the audio would jump from a high tone to a low tone that there was a good chance there was a coin next to Iron. This is true but not so often. Now I pretty much only dig REPEATABLE TONES!!!! With the T2 if its not a repeatable tone its trash!! Once I learned the T2 you can def tell if something good is down there. The T2 doesnt lie! You cant always go off of the visual Id though! With the T2 audio is key! I can decipher the trash from the keepers simply by the sound! At first I was kind of bummed that it doesnt have a notch feature but now I wouldnt use it if it did.

I have been using the T2 for about 3 months now! In the past few weeks and after reading the manual the second time I have been simply killing it in the field! I am able to trust the machine and I also get great depth now that I fully understand ground cancelation. I am 100% satisfied with this detector and Im sure it will just get better and better the more I use it. The only complaint I have with this detector and its not that big of a deal is the interference. Since the T2 is such a sensetive machine I do pick up interference when other detectors dont. I have learned how to deal with this issue pretty well though! The T2 does have 7 different frequencies you can change through if your picking up interference. Sometimes this doesnt always work and you will have to turn the sense down some. If its still a problem try adjusting your disc. I know that the T2 disc settings are different from most detectors! One little notch on the setting adjustment can make a huge difference in power! For example, When the T2 is set at disc 50 it goes into overdrive which is a big boost in gain. I dont know if its designed this way or it just happens but you can def use it to your advantage! Disc 50, and Disc 5, give you extreme power boost and if this is causing your interference just change them a notch and it will tune it down some. The T2 is a little tricky but once you learn these tricks and use them to your advantage you will be glad they are there! In the past month even with all the frozen ground and winter weather Ive been able to find my first barber dime 1912, My first gold ring, a solid silver spoon with markings on it, 2 civil war buttons, 2 indian head pennies, and well the list goes on and on! All Im saying is I absolutely love the T2 and will be using it for years to come! The best part is I love going to the so called "hunted out sights" because they may have been hunted out with other detectors but not by the T2!!! I always do well at these locations where people tell me theres nothing left! Thank you Teknetics for providing me with one BAD ASS DETECTOR!!!! I hope this helps you out a little when your deciding to buy a new detector or if you already have a T2!! If anyone has any questions on the T2 and would like some input feel free to message me and I would gladly tell you my experiences with the machine!

TEKNETICS T2 REVIEW written by Brian

The Teknetics T2 is the first new Teknetics model in many years since they had found some fame for the excellent I.D. features of the 8500 and 9000 models and the sheer power of the Tek ST (Surf and Turf).

Unfortunately the build quality of the T2, now produced by First Texas of Bounty Hunter fame was rather lacking. My first T2 came from an American sports shop as at first they were not sold through detector dealers. Performance was fairly good and they had taken on board the need for the fast recovery speed that busy sites require that had given XP their edge for some years.

Drawbacks apart from the control box feeling rather to similar to those Chinese machines sold cheaply on E-Bay, were weak battery springs leading to machines cutting out (use thin cardboard shims) and a weak lower stem design.

Mine developed a coil and other faults and was replaced. The next version was reliable but little changed from the first....and depth was slightly down.

By the time I had my third machine the F75 had arrived and I had a Fisher lower shaft which cured problems there. Springs still slightly weak. The rather thin plastic camlocks on the shaft remain a worry but quality control seems to have improved so at least your new machine didn't arrive with them already cracked.

My latest version is the 6.0. If your buying secondhand check what your getting ! Push/hold trigger forward and at the same time hold menu button in...then turn the detector on. The version will be displayed.

This is the earliest version I would recommend as it has the new shaft and they seem to be better screwed together. Price new with headphones/covers etc was £495 in the U.K. The similar looking Fisher (but different circuit) for £100 more afford more features back light, notch, settings retention etc.) I ran the two machines together for a few months but the extra depth/features of the Fisher did not make up for the far wider discrimination width in ferrous.

The Chinese cover set is excellent especially when you consider the odd shape of the battery box. Do not use without covers as one bit of sand or grit can jam the control button !

Soon an upgrade of environmental seals was offered and was standard by the time version 6.5 arrived in the shops.You can have you older machine upgraded but thanks to the cover set you should not be put off the 6.0 version.

Recovery speed is fast for an American detector. Its a nice feature to have but not the be all and end all as a slower speed can give more depth which is why detectors like the new XP provide both faster and slower speeds.

Its an easy machine to use and offers reasonable depth IF its features are used correctly. You are provided with a choice of tone set ups or can stick with a single tone or detect in an all metal mode. The all metal mode (I.D. by meter) is the best for depth on all my sites. If working ploughed sites where the targets are near or on the surface I will select the single tone mode (1+). The 2+ mode I would only use where I required to search an area at high speed where older finds are unlikely ie top of the beach. Though 2+ is pushed as "the" mode to use all you need to do is try the detector on an established in ground test bed that contains a row of the same type of coin buried at ever increasing depths. You will find that I.D. indicates good items as ferrous at a lesser depth than by using single tone.

Talking about depth the T2 (even in its latest form where the depth seems to have been improved to that of the F75) is not the depth monster many consider it to be. If your working pasture/hills etc that are rarely if ever ploughed you should look elsewhere. If the farmer rings you each time he ploughs fine. If not several machines are deeper and some even cost less. If you have been using a low cost Garrett, C-Scope, Bounty Hunter the performance will seem impressive. If your thinking of a move from a Tejon/Nautilus/Troy Shadow X5 try before you buy.

If you want to add to depth then a coil change helps. An S.E.F. coil loses a little sensitivity on very small items due to the extra size but should still match the stock coil. On a pontin coin there's a slight improvement on depth and a larger coin (U.S. quarter, or pre decimal English copper penny) you should be looking at two inches more. Another drawback down to cost cutting is that when a larger/heavier coil is used it can lead to the control box snapping off where the handle joins the shaft.

Any larger coil tends worsen target I.D. Unfortunately the T2's meter is not that accurate both between different metal types and even worse, between ferrous and none ferrous. You may well find yourself coming in second to someone with an old analog metered machine.

Due to the rather fragile nature of the detector its the one machine I have that I don't like to lend out. The rubber foam handgrip does not take wear. Many have split. Wearing gloves when its raining seems to trigger the problem. I have also seen many machines fail in the field due to the coil. This has put me off using it in stubble fields as I think it could be due to thick stubble catching onto the coil wire a situation not helped by the odd design of open coil with multiple fins. These "fins" also pick up mud like there's no tomorrow, are difficult to clean and don't serve any purpose except to make the coil look a little flash.

On the plus side of the T2 it enabled me to take one machine where I might need two. With XP's I would need to carry both low and high frequency machines to cover various land conditions. It also provides a type of Arado machine (all metal primary search mode with meter I.D.) or can be used as a conventional motion machine, with tones or not, all in one lightweight package. Battery consumption is low enough to mean that rechargables are not needed. The operating manual is really excellent and a lesson to some other manufacturers. If I dare say it, the detector is a little to light in a similar way to Red Heat machines.

In the U.S. the warranty seems excellent at five years. Most machines sold in the U.K. only provide 2 years including Tesoros. Hopefully things may change in the future with some imports such as Golden Mask providing 5 years.

One last point. If you not going to make much use of the various options of the T2 and don't mind the extra weight you can get similar performance at a fraction of the price from Golden Mask or Blisstool. From the original price of £499 the T2 is now a fraction under £800.

TEKNETICS T2 REVIEW written by Silverman

I bought the Teknetics T2 after many hours on the net looking at various makes models and prices. Properly confused and very weary a friend suggested I buy the T2 and I cam across several websites blowing its horn. Then I looked at 2nd hand T2 machines thinking if they are good there won’t be any, and I was right I could not find a single one. So I dipped in my reserves and bought one.

After several outings I am convinced I bought the best machine money can buy. With the right settings the T2 should be illegal! And here they are Sensitivity 70 Discrimination 5 and tone 2+ With this setting you will find more goodies than most other detectors and you can use it everywhere stubble pastures and ploughed levelled ground (Not for beach use) You will be able to hold your own everywhere just listen for the sounds.

A high pitch sound is a good target a low grunt is iron. If you hear a high pitched sound and a grunt almost at the same time remember the T2 reset time is a part of a second, Dig it. When in doubt DIG but the T2 wont lie to you I dug many of the “dodgy” signals and found winners and yes some large pieces of iron because the electric conductivity is higher. But when the signal bounce, meaning move between high and low signals never giving the same reading on the meter then it is iron or rubbish dig a few convince yourself.

Trust the T2’s signals and listen carefully practice, bury a few different metals like silver copper and a gold ring and swing over it several times a day! Leave them buried so the ground can settle pour water over it, it helps to settle the ground. Then before you go out swing the T2 over your targets and listen and remember the sounds! Then you are ready to go and find the goodies! Do this; I know boring routine, as many times as you can till you know the sounds in your ears. When you do this keep your eyes closed and just listen ignore the meter because the meter can be wrong!

It’s like golf! Golf is Muscle memory so is detecting Sound memory once you know the sounds and what they represent then you will be good at finding the goodies! I had many great finds in 5 months following this routine. Buy one you will not be sorry! Oh yeah I do not work for Teknetics I do not know anyone that do and I am the most horrible customer anyone can have! Its deep it’s very fast and it will make you look good! Best setings for all terrains (Not beach) are Sens: 75, Disc 5, tone 2+.

If you are wondering what to buy this is it you can’t go wrong with the T2.

Suggested settings for the T2

Beach: Tone 3b Sens 90 Disc 40
Relic hunting: Tone +3 Sens 90 disc 10
Iron contaminated ground Tone Dp Sens 75 Disc 18
Iron contaminated ground(2) Sens 70 Disc 15 Tone 2+
Stubble Tone: 1 Sens 60 Disc 25-35
Ancient Sites: Sens 70 Disc 15 Tone 2+
Hard Ground: Sens 75 Disc 18 Tone Dp
Coin Shooting: Sens 95 Disc 35 Tone 1
Riverbank: Sens 90 Disc 35 Tone 1
Pasture: Sens 50 Disc 40 Tone 2+
Dig everything! Sens 70 Disc 5 Tone 1
Good hunting!


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